Game Changers Required!

MediaLabs comprises of a team of young, competent enthusiasts who allow our creative minds to go bonkers while coming up with brilliant ideas for clients. We have an in-house team of designers, developers, content writers and marketing specialists who work together to promote the various brands we work with. We are on the lookout for some more talented people to join this creative group to take MediaLabs to new heights. So, if you think you have that spark and are a perfect fit, then do get in touch with us right away.

Location: Bangalore

No. Openings: One

Status: Open

If creativity is your ammunition
If your head wobbles with funky ideas
If you can think creatively and illustrate vibrantly
If being a graphic designer was ever your dream
Then don’t follow your dream, but chase it.
Are you looking for a career as a graphic designer? Then look no further! Because we are hiring and you may be our pick!
If you are interested in a graphic designer internship, then hop on over to MediaLabs where you will be given an opportunity to explore your creativeness and kick start your career.

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