Social Analysis

Social Analysis

Social media is more than just a tool. It's an entire channel for engagement that has proven to be a game-changer for brands across nearly every industry. Unfortunately, while most brands have adopted some sort of social media, many haven't integrated them fully into their marketing initiatives. We believe that glossing over social means missing the most important new opportunity for engagement. But we're here to help.

The Search & Social Story

Social Media has dramatically increased the potential for brands to be found. Not only does search function as a unique discovery tool, when leveraged properly, it can increase your rankings for target keywords in search.

At MediaLabs, we have accepted Social Media as an inextricable part of a successful SEO strategy. Search and social are intertwined, and the tools and tactics used to implement both continue to merge, as users adopt Social Media as a discovery tool the way they have with search over the last decade. For that reason, we have developed a suite of Social Media Services as a companion to our current SEO and digital strategy offerings.

Finding Your Conversation

The first step to a successful Social Analysis is identifying a community of influencers. By tapping into communities already put into place by people active in your industry, you can enter a conversation in progress and claim a significant share of voice in that space. The conversation is happening whether you join or not, so why not make it about your brand?

Our social analysis utilizes measurement planning to set the criteria used to measure your success, social profile auditing to determine the quality of your current social profiles, and then development of social strategy to fully implement your brand voice in the space that matters to your consumers.